Personal Tax Returns

We are a Registered Professional  CRA Efiler and CRA Client Representative.

This means that we can deal with CRA regarding any problems or requests for information that CRA may have. Simple adjustments to your return are made at little or no additional cost.

As per CRA, Netfile is for a private individual to do the returns for that person and family members only.

The Efile system is for the use of professional tax preparers only.

Likewise, being able to act as your representative allows us to act on your behalf to clarify and clear up any assessment difficulties if possible, before contacting you.

$50 minimum fee includes GST, Efiled return if possible, printed copy of T1 General return for your files, for returns with up to 5 T-slips and RRSP deposits and calculations. Additional T-slips and forms may be extra.

$125 fee includes T2125 business return for sole proprietorship or partnership (*if completed printed spreadsheet or totalled categories are included). Extra fees for bookkeeping work and calculations.

IMMIGRANTS: Welcome! We are pleased to help you with your first tax return, and to maximize your tax benefits.

FOR ALL CLIENTS: We guarantee to take the time to do your taxes accurately and promptly, to maximize your refund, and to explain the results to you. We offer appointment times that fit your schedule, between 1pm and 8pm daily, including weekends.

Email us to arrange a consultation.